About Us


Him coffee Farmer is a group of coffee farmers located in Muang Pan City of Lampang Thailand. It was founded in 2015. The group currently has around 80 ++ members and is expected to grow in the future.

The main activities of “Him coffee Farmer group“ are coffee cultivation, processing, and sales.
They grow coffee and process it into green beans.
The processed coffee is sold to middlemen or coffeehouses in the North of Thailand.
They also produce various coffee products under the brand name “Him Coffee”, which are sold both offline and online.

In addition to coffee production, Him coffee Farmer group has undergone training courses provided by the Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.

They have received training in agricultural product processing and quality assessment. They have also established a coffeehouse called HIM Coffee Roasters in Lampang, which serves customers who want OEM products for their own brands.

Him coffee Farmer group has experienced steady growth in sales of raw coffee beans and roasted coffee bean products both within Thailand and internationally. They aim to increase productivity while maintaining high quality standards. They have been involved in various projects undertaken by the Department of Agriculture and the Chiang Mai Agricultural Research Centre to support the growth of the coffee business in Thailand.

The group aims to develop high-quality and large-scale coffee production, starting from small local coffee shops. They use a coffee quality monitoring system based on international standards such as SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) or comparable local criteria. The quality inspection team works closely with coffee production managers in the district and other coffee cultivation areas in northern Thailand.

Him coffee Farmer group processes coffee using different methods based on the type of coffee. These include

  • wet-wash process
  • dry-natural process
  • honey-semi-wash process
  • semi-wet process
  • and special coffee beans production management processes.

Currently, Him coffee Farmer group is working on capacity development to increase their production capacity and focus on processing coffee exclusively in Thailand. Their goal is to achieve a processed production of 1000 tons per year through a specialized coffee processing program.

The company aims to target the commercial coffee market, meeting the high demand for raw coffee beans. They also focus on adding value to their raw materials and creating special coffee products based on the preferences of their customers. Him coffee Farmer group emphasizes brand building, standardized production, and quality assessment through reliable agencies such as the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Industrial Promotion.

The process of coffee sorting, grading, and packaging is related to the commercial coffee industry. It involves techniques and tools to refine and obtain the highest quality and best-tasting coffee at each level. Additionally, packaging is an important step in preparing coffee products for distribution to customers.

The coffee sorting process typically begins with the selection of suitable coffee beans. The beans are sorted based on desired characteristics such as ripeness, taste, or aroma. Once the coffee beans are sorted, they go through the coffee grading process, which involves using heat to remove the outer layers of the beans, resulting in fully developed flavors and aromas.

After the coffee grading process is complete, the green or processed coffee is packaged in suitable containers. These containers can be paper bags or plastic bags that allow the coffee to be stored and maintain its quality for an extended period. Coffee can also be packaged in other forms, such as finely ground coffee packed in paper bags or foam pouches for brewing.

The process of coffee sorting, grading, and packaging is complex and requires expertise. It depends on the coffee industry standards, the type of coffee, and the specific requirements of the customers or businesses involved.